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Cota / Cone 6 tile

Bat / Cone 6 tile

Crows / Cone 6 tile

Cranes / Cone 6 tile

Kestrel / Cone 6 tile

Roadrunner / Cone 6 tile

Spider / Cone 6 tile

Bear / Cone 6 tile

Robin / Cone 6 tile

Frog / Cone 6 tile

Guineas / Cone 6 tile


art & design


For over 25 years drawing on both clay and paper with Mother Nature as inspiration :: Cards, Prints, Tiles, Everyday Clay Objects


HI-FIRE CLAY safe for outdoor installation, with rain and sun exposure, dishwasher safe, ovenproof, w/ non-toxic glaze, made from “Ochre” cone 6 clay (a tan-gray-colored clay body) or from cone 6 red clays.

Votive candle holders, stamped with Jemez hills — $10
Bird Baths — $20
Memorial Tiles, 4 in. x 6 in. — $20
House Number Tiles in 2 sizes:
2 1/4x3 1/2 inches — $4   •   3 1/2x5 inches — $5

LOW-FIRE CLAY install indoors, or in outdoor location protected from rain and intense sun, dishwasher safe, ovenproof, w/ non-toxic glaze, made from white & red earthenware.

number tiles — $4
pansy bowls — $8
baby pear bowls — $8
medallions — $4
napkin rings — 6 for $12
morning glory tiles & globe mallow tiles:
4 in. square — $10  •  6 in. square — $15

Garden Companion Tiles

Winter Crows   •   Triangle of Cota   •   Ursus   •   Cranes
Kestrel • Bat   •   Robin under juniper   •   Orb Spider   •   Roadrunner
Ladybug   •   Neighbor Guineas

All cone 5-fired tiles from Ochre clay that come from drawings. Imprint tiles "stamp" the image into hand-rolled slabs, each tile glazed individually, by hand, eye, and brush.

Most tiles come with a screw-size hole in each corner. Thus they can be hung without the use of thinset. After being fired so high, glaze will withstand the elements good for installation outdoors.

Each tile is roughly 6 inches square
and can be incorporated into wall tile layouts with standard tile sizes — $20

Where the images come from ::

From bed in the morning thru our uncurtained window Birds fly by.

Right now, end of February, a pair of Roadrunners chase each other back and forth over the fence, as I have observed now for 3 or 4 years.

Daughter @ 18 mos. grabbed the stunned Mouse from our Cat and held it in a trance.

One of our Neighbor’s Hens has sneaked into our yard now each year to lay her clutch of eggs, and young daughter learned to grab the chicks!

Crows congregate in our back Elm tree’s bare branches and drop the pieces of stale danish they get from our other Neighbor into the sand box.

Garden Orb Spiders have set up webs in my clay shack, in the grape vines, across the path to the faucet.

Summer evenings it’s easiest to see the Bats dart above our roof in the dusk.

There are all the days I have stepped outside to hear the ker-le-oo of Cranes flying their route from nesting grounds to winter warmth in our valley, or back to their homes thousands of miles north.

Over back fence, Neighbors' pastures are hunting grounds guarded by Kestrels from their perch on telephone wires.

Robins love my sister's yard, and listen for burrowing earthworms beneath the Juniper.

In the dirt of the Placitas yard, Cota (Navajo tea), grows in key places, not having been planted by hand.



Our Friend's Apple Tree / offset print of original ink & pen drawing

Tso Dzil—Do I remember right? / offset print of original ink & pen drawing

Time of the Sunflowers / offset print of original ink & pen drawing

These are drawings chosen out of my sketchbook journals, from years 1983 through the present.. They are reproduced by either offset printer, laser printer or xerox machine.

Offset cards, 8 1/2x5 1/2 inches:

Time of the Sunflowers-Home Ditch Series;
And Back -Home Ditch Series;
Tso Dzil, Do I remember right?;
& Our Friends’ Apple Tree
single card $2.00, set of 8 -$10.00

(recycled paper)

Xerox machine-printed cards, 4 1/4x5 1/2 inches (A-2) or 5 1/4x7 1/4 inches (A-7):

Mt. Taylor; Placitas Backyard; Los Ranchos; From Algodones; Iowa; Farm-to-Market series;
Home ditch series; Garden Companion series; NM Highway series; Still life series.
single card$1.50, set of 12 -$10.00

Laser-printed on recycled paper, 4 1/4x5 1/2 inches (A-2):

cards of 20 illustrations for the book, Near Horizons
horizontal cards are grouped as: 4 lake images, 6 landscape images, 5 building/dwelling images,
5 vertical cards include: San Miguel Mission, Hiway 360, Conchas Lake dam, Buffalo, Magpies.
single card $2.00, set of 10 -$10.00